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Brasil Pavilion | Rio+20 <body id="acessibilidade"> <h1>United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development</h1> <h1>Rio +20</h1> <h2>Brazil Pavilion</h2> <h3>The Brazil Pavilion at Rio+20 houses the ideas, proposals and challenges with which Brazil is dealing in its quest for sustainable and socially-just development</h3> <a href="http://pavilhaobrasil.grafikonstruct.com.br/en/asa/1" alt="Environment" rel="1" tabindex="1">Environment</a> <a href="http://pavilhaobrasil.grafikonstruct.com.br/en/asa/2" alt="Innovation and Sustainable Agricultural Production" rel="2" tabindex="2">Innovation and Sustainable Agricultural Production</a> <a href="http://pavilhaobrasil.grafikonstruct.com.br/en/asa/3" alt="Tourism, Major Events and Culture" rel="3" tabindex="3">Tourism, Major Events and Culture</a> <a href="http://pavilhaobrasil.grafikonstruct.com.br/en/asa/4" alt="Energy and Infraestructure" rel="4" tabindex="4">Energy and Infraestructure</a> <a href="http://pavilhaobrasil.grafikonstruct.com.br/en/asa/5" alt="Social Inclusion and Citizenship" rel="5" tabindex="5">Social Inclusion and Citizenship</a> <a href="http://pavilhaobrasil.grafikonstruct.com.br/en/ilha/1" alt="My House, My Life" rel="6" tabindex="6">My House, My Life</a> <a href="http://pavilhaobrasil.grafikonstruct.com.br/en/ilha/2" alt="Colored Cotton" rel="7" tabindex="7">Colored Cotton</a> <a href="http://pavilhaobrasil.grafikonstruct.com.br/en/ilha/3" alt="Socio-biodiversity Market" rel="8" tabindex="8">Socio-biodiversity Market</a> <a href="http://pavilhaobrasil.grafikonstruct.com.br/en/ilha/4" alt="Cultivanting Good Water" rel="9" tabindex="9">Cultivanting Good Water</a> <a href="http://pavilhaobrasil.grafikonstruct.com.br/en/ilha/5" alt="Fresh Water Program" rel="10" tabindex="10">Fresh Water Program</a> </body>
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  • The Central Arena of the Brasil Pavilion.
  • A movie about man's capacity for transformation and a new model for sustainable development fills the Central Arena of the Brasil Pavilion.
  • The Central Arena of the Brasil Pavilion
  • President Dilma Rousseff at the opening of the Brasil Pavilion at Rio+20.
  • A platform connects the exhibit spaces of the Brasil Pavilion
  • An exhibit with moving images of Brazilian biomes provides information about the outcome of conservation initiatives in Brazil.
  • The Mamirauá Sustainable Development Reserve (in the state of Amazonas), which is part of the National System of Conservation Units, is the topic of a movie that shows how social, environmental and economic development can successfully coexist.
  • Information on Brazilian environmental conservation initiatives is on display in the exhibition rooms at the Brasil Pavilion
  • This movie shows how Brazil, one of the largest food producers and exporters in the world, is increasingly adopting more sustainable agricultural production techniques.
  • Naturally colored cotton at the Brasil Pavilion
  • The dome with images shows the cultural diversity and wealth of Brazil and the country's natural capacity for hosting major events.
  • Interactive screens guide visitors through the transformations that the 12 host-cities will undergo to prepare for the 2014 Fifa World Cup.
  • Movies at the Brazil Pavilion portray the Brazilian energy matrix, one of the cleanest and most renewable energy networks in the world.
  • Information panels on Energy and Infrastructure at the Brasil Pavilion.
  • This movie tells the real stories of people who, thanks to the inclusion programs in Brazil, have obtained access to services that have changed their lives. Until the age of 15, Benedito Pimentel Flecha (portrayed in the photo) didn't even have a name and was only known as Tatu.
  • This movie at the Brasil Pavilion portrays real-life cases of social inclusion and citizenship.
  • By touching the surface of the drums, visitors are able to view a projection with information on social inclusion programs in Brazil.